About Us

  • Company Sign 2019 into 2020It's All About the Hemp Seed at the Lancaster Trading House, Inc. The keyword is Chemurgy - anything that can be created from carbohydrates from single source energy can be created from hydrocarbons - from the farmers fields. Our brands since 1997 are Hempzels™ and NataliesChoice™. We also have partnered with Bio-Legacy Solutions to offer soil FOUNDATION™ for your hemp fields, seeds to increase growth & yield & provide soil health. CLEAR™ for hydroponics and probiotics to restore stagnet water. 
  • We work with Pennsyvlania preferred bakeries & packaging facilities.
  • offering Hemp Flour in 25lb & 50lb bags - in stock along with hemp seed, hemp oil, items we use in our manufacturing processes.
  • You will be able before the end of 2019 to order Wholesale  or Retail when you are registered. 
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